ARBA Convention 2016.

Don't miss the Fibber Cup Invitational October 8-12 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, CA. 

Best in Show winners don't just happen. It takes a well-bred, properly fed, well cared for rabbit in perfect coat and condition to rise to the challenge..

Raise Nationally Competitive Netherland Dwarf and Polish!


Bella Coniglio Rabbitry

Phone:     +1.9703249889


Beginning with some of the top bloodlines, we strive to breed the highest qualities into our lines.  We are disciplined with culling and breed our rabbits to be champions.
ANDRC Nationals 2017.

Catch the Dwarf Nationals at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, OH.



BOB 2013 ANDRC National - Louisville, KY - Youth

Breeding & Raising Rabbits


Bella Coniglio Rabbitry has been breeding and raising nationally competitive Netherland Dwarf and Polish rabbits since 2005.  We take great pride in our rabbits and are thankful for all of the friends we have made and help we have received along the way.